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So Fell
Are the Fae

Magic wanes. The realm of Faerie dies. The land’s one hope is a fae lord cursed never to feel love’s touch and the one person who could kill him: his fated mate.


I’m a witch who can’t reliably harness her magic. Pathetic, I know. When I’m cornered by my father’s magic hunters, I have nowhere to go except through the Wall that separates humans from the deceitful, fell fae. 


I fear I’ll end up the pawn of a fae lord within a brewing war. Unfortunately, Lord Kir may be my only hope to return home.



Witches aren’t to be trusted. The one who fell through the Wall? Her most of all. I don’t need another problem, no matter how attractive.  My enemy, the one who cursed me, is pounding down my door to steal my power. 


I’ve tried to read the witch’s mind to see if she spoke the truth but found something worse. If I were smart, I’d cast her away. But something won’t let me.


She needs a way home, and I need her help to find the clues that could save my court. So we enter a bargain that forces us closer. But acting on our attraction could burn us both and the hope of my court with us.


Available in paperback and Amazon's Kindle Unlimited

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Never Go Home

NGH Book Cover.PNG

Global warming ravaged the earth. In 2126 in what was once California, there is the Offering:  A rite in which every eighteen-year-old woman leaves their home in search of a husband.  Bloodlines must be varied, the Elders of the parched Valley say. But Talia, a naive Offering, refuses to comply.


Once on her own, she witnesses a fellow Offering’s kidnapping. A man, one who keeps popping up in her life, stops her from making a bad decision. Together they join forces and scheme, deciding to send Talia in to pretend to be what she swore she wouldn’t do: be an Offering. Talia discovers that the Offering is much more than the Elders say it is and that the Valley has a much seedier underbelly and water delivery system than she ever dreamed. Talia must risk it all to save her loved ones, and in turn, the water deliveries for her home. 

Not Nothing

Not Nothing  - Young Adult Dystopian short story Cover.png

A companion short story to Never Go Home.

Before the Offering, Mindy's mother takes action to protect her daughter.

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